The inspiration for the project came because our tomato plants get so large they overwhelm our cheap tomato cages. We are hoping our giant tomato trellis system gives us a higher yield of tomatoes this year.

tomato trellis 1

To the this project completed you're going to need a table saw, miter saw, speed square, tape measure, pencil, nail gun, one inch brad nails and waterproof wood glue.

Links to tools and supplies:

Table Saw

Miter Saw

Speed Square

Tape Measure

Carpenter's Pencil

Nail Gun

Brad Nails

Waterproof Glue

tomato trellis 2

The material for this project is going to be two cedar fence pickets and you can pick these up at your local home center. Two pickets will make one tomato trellis.

tomato trellis 3

Start by carefully ripping the two pickets into one inch strips. you should end up with eight total strips. Pull four of the strips aside and cut a forty-five degree angle at the bottom. This will help press the tomato trellis into the ground when it's time for the install. Cut the remaining four strips into eighteen inch lengths for the horizontal pieces.

tomato trellis 4

Now it's time for the assembly! Take two of the longer vertical strips and place a pencil mark every sixteen inches. This is where you'll attach the horizontal pieces. Now place a quarter size dollop of waterproof glue at each one of the pencil marks. Be generous with the glue, the tomato trellis will be outside in the sun and rain so it will need to be sturdy. Keep in mind, we are going for function with this project.

tomato trellis 5

Secure your horizontal pieces with one inch brad nails and when you finish you should have something that resembles a small ladder. Repeat this process with the other two vertical pieces and four more horizontal pieces to form the opposite side of the trellis.

tomato trellis 6

Tomato Trellis 8

Now attach four more horizontal pieces to one side of the ladder sections then add the second ladder to those horizontal pieces. Carefully rotate the trellis and add the last four horizontal pieces and you've complete the assembly.

tomato trellis 7

Firmly press the tomato trellis eight to ten inches into the ground and you're one step closer to having the best summer tomatoes.

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